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In 1918 the top floor of the Lyric Theatre was converted into a hospital to care for the sick and dying during the Spanish Flu Epidemic. A nurse, Mrs. Lapp, was forced to care for all of families upstairs. Today nearly 100 years later the top floor of the Lyric remains unused and it’s sole occupant is the spirit of Nurse Lapp. We are trying to save this abandoned building with the help of you all.


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  • Save the Lyrique Building

    Mrs. Lapp's spirit is said to linger in the hushed corners of the Lyric Theatre, her presence felt by those who dare to venture to the top floor. Visitors claim to have heard soft whispers and felt a comforting presence, as if she's still watching over the space she once tended to with such dedication. The abandoned building stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit during times of crisis, and it has become a symbol of hope and survival. Efforts to preserve the Lyric Theatre are fueled by the desire to honor Mrs. Lapp's legacy and the countless lives she touched.

    The community has rallied together, sharing stories of her bravery and compassion, inspiring a new generation to join the cause. With each donation and volunteer effort, the echoes of the past grow stronger, uniting people across time in a shared mission to save this historical landmark and the memory of Nurse Lapp, reminding us all of the power of compassion and community in the face of adversity.

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